Price List

With the vast number of booths and offers expected to be at PC SHOW 2014, it pays to research online for the PC SHOW 2014 price list before heading out.

ITFairSG Price List

The rewards are great – save time, save money and save the environment.

IT Fairs Singapore Price List

This is my preferred website for all the offers and news at PC SHOW 2014. The owners scan and upload the flyers with easy viewing and searching features.

Visit it a few days before the event has started and chances are, there would be quite a number of offers already put up for viewing in advance.

The site usually does major additions at 12am and at the time of PC SHOW 2014 opening.


HardwareZone also has a special portal set up for IT Shows, with video coverage of the event as well as various article guides

I also like their very active forum.


VR-Zone also maintains a PC SHOW 2014 dedicated site

It used to be quite comprehensive, but the coverage has reduced since the last PC Show 2013.

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